Table Sittings at The Falcon Steakhouse in The Cotswolds…

Table Sittings at The Falcon Steakhouse in The Cotswolds…

Over the past month we have had a couple of people asking why we do 2 sittings here at The Falcon Steakhouse. The reason is simple, our dining room only has 8 tables in it and because of all the hard work, good customer service and high quality local Cotswold farmed meat we have been offering these past 3 years, we have become a popular place to visit, most evenings we have around 70 customers who want to dine with us on any given night ( and near 200 on a Friday and Saturday) and only one sitting would allow us to take 18-28 diners. With these small numbers we couldn’t make the business financially viable and would have to leave Wotton ( which we love, live in and also it’s where the family farm is) to find a bigger premises. We take 2 tables every 15 minutes between 6:00 and 6:45, and we relay these tables 2 hours afterward for a second sitting of 2 tables every 15 minutes between 8:00 and 8:45. We also use our snug area for large parties or as extra seating between 7-7:45 of which the table is yours all night. We do let all tables know what time we require the table back for if they have booked in the first sitting when they book on the phone. Because we are a steak house, our food comes out fairly quickly and the only time you maybe have to wait a while is when tables turn up late and encroach on the next 15 minute slot. But, even though you may for what ever reason turn up late, we usually still require the table back 2 hours after your booking time. I hope you guys understand all this waffle and don’t get too offended when we politely ask you to maybe finish your drinks in the bar. We love it here in Wotton and even though we may take on other ventures ( such as the rose and crown nympsfield 01453860612 ) over the coming years the falcon will remain our baby and our flagship venue. and we will be here for many years to come. Love live the falcon steakhouse.

Thank you for you continued support.


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