Why do you require my card details?

It’s something we’ve brought in to help with no-shows, but we’re actually unable to book a table without a card. We don’t keep the details on-site and it is stored with our credit card company, in the same way with shopping online. If you’re not happy with giving your card details out, you are more than welcome to ‘walk-in’ and if we have a table free, we’ll happily seat you, however we are normally fully-booked  (especially on the weekends & evenings).

Nothing is charged to your card when you make a booking, however, we charge a fee of £20 per person if:

  • You don’t arrive for your booking (no-show).
  • You cancel your table within 12 hours of your booking.
  • You turn up with less people than you booked for (unless you let us know prior by giving us a call). We will charge for each missing guest from the original booking.

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