How to cook the perfect steak.

How to cook the perfect steak! Please watch our newest video “Farm to Fork” and if you like it please share this video. Farm to Fork gives you a behind the scenes insight of how we manage to serve our customers such tasty steaks!

This video gives you the 5 key steps on how to cook the perfect steak. This includes Bulls and Heifers, Them Bloody Farmers, Slaughter and Butchery, Preparation and Cooking & Resting.

If it’s sent too early it hasn’t got the fat cover to make a tasty steak. And if sent too late, it’s too fatty and will ruin the texture of the beef. – Andy on farming.

Remember, at The Falcon Steakhouse we have a meat counter so you can purchase your beef from us and cook the perfect steak at home. For details of stock and prices please go to the contact page by clicking here and get in touch.