Pre-Order Menu

Tables of 8+

Hello there, Thanks for booking your table with us, here is the Party Menu for your table in the near future. If we could get your pre-order in by the evening before, that would be great. If you can also put the name of the person next to their order please, as well as how they would like their steak cooked, as a lot of people tend to forget what they ordered.

For large tables we also offer a nibbles platter at £3 per person. This includes grilled pitta bread with homemade humous and our fabulous marinated olives. The nibbles platter is available for the whole table only and will be served as you are seated, and is nice to have there while waiting for the rest of the party to arrive, and something to start with while we cook your meals.


Due to the fact we are a “from scratch kitchen”, to guarantee the high standards we have set ourselves, we have written this big table menu to make sure that everything is sent out as requested. I hope you understand this. This will also make your night run more smoothly and will irradiate a lengthy wait for your meals.

With regards to the steaks we also need to know how they would like to be cooked (Blue, Blue/Rare, Rare, Med/Rare, Med, Med/Well)
So your reply looks something like this

Andy. Brie. Fillet. Rare
Tom. Ribeye. Medium
Jen. Haddock. Fillet. Rare. Extra Stilton

Pre-order choices:

Breaded brie wedges with sweet chilli dip £5.50
Brussels pâté on toasted Ciabatta with caramelised red onion £5.50
Beer battered haddock goujons with tartar sauce £5.50

32oz tbone……..£34.95 (due to the thickness of the steak we will not cook the T bone past medium)
8oz rump steak…….£16.95
16oz rump steak……£22.95
8oz fillet steak……….. £21.95 (we do not serve the fillet well done)
10oz sirloin steak………£20.95
10oz ribeye steak……….£19.95

ALL steaks are served with the following sides which are included in the price
-Peppercorn sauce
-Onion rings
-Dressed side salad
-Grilled tomatoes
-Our famous steak-cut chips

Extra sides
Coleslaw £2 per portion
White wine and Stilton sauce £3 per portion

Other mains
Grilled seabass fillets with a medley of stir fried vegetables £12.95

Vegetarian nut roast served with the steak sides £11.95

Gourmet cheese burger topped with cheddar cheese, served onion rings and and a dressed side salad…. £12.50

Thick-cut locally farmed ham served with Fried eggs and a dressed side salad £11.95

Beer-battered haddock served with garden peas and Tatar sauce £13.95

(All served with our Famous Steak-cut Chips)

Many thanks, Andy & The Falcon Steakhouse team.